Quality Policy


We guarantee first-class quality with our good name.
All production phases, from tobacco processing to the packaging and labelling of cigarettes, are supervised and checked in-house. This enables us to guarantee our customers consistently high standards of workmanship and quality. Our tobaccos, such  as Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos, come from the best growing regions in the world. They are carefully and meticulously mixed by our tobacco experts to create the various tobacco blends. These exquisite blends are what make our individual brands and product specialities so extraordinary.


Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH began producing its own cigarettes in 1996. At that time, the company looked back on more than 225 years of tradition, although up to that point its core business was primarily focused on the processing of cut tobacco.
The acquisition of the Becifa cigarette factory in Berlin in 1993 marked the starting point for the expansion of the product range. With the acquisition of this plant, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities were available which enabled the mass production of cigarettes from 1996.
Today, all cigarettes are manufactured fully automatically at the main plant in Lübeck and prepared for global shipment. Our high-performance machinery ensures consistently high quality, cigarette after cigarette, and guarantees the manufacture of high production volumes.


Before von Eicken increasingly established itself as a well-known producer of cigarettes from 1996, our long-standing company already enjoyed an excellent reputation around the world as a manufacturer of exquisite tobacco specialities. Despite our great success in the cigarette sector, we continue to pay close attention to the other ranges, which is why discerning tobacco lovers all over the world appreciate our cigars, cigarillos, pipe and fine-cut tobaccos.
At von Eicken, it is this special passion for tobacco that is passed on to the next generation and reflected in the quality of all our tobacco products. The experience of our tobacco professionals, their global connections to the best tobacco growing countries and their appreciation of selected tobacco quality, as well as their skill in processing and blending tobacco, determine the aroma and taste of our high-quality products.


In addition to popular and well-known brands, the exciting variety of our tobacco products also includes some very special rarities that will set racing the pulse of any discerning connoisseur. For each of our tobacco specialities, we only use high-quality, hand-selected tobaccos from the best growing regions in the world. In countries such as the USA, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Cuba and the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, the tobacco plants ripen under ideal climatic conditions before being carefully harvested.
At harvest time and after the fermentation and drying process, our experts travel to select the best tobaccos for further processing. Depending on type and quality, the raw tobacco is further processed at our German production sites before being shipped to our customers in more than 100 countries as cigarettes, cigars, pipe or fine-cut tobacco.
The production location once again plays a significant role in the consumer’s decision to buy a particular product or brand. The rapidly increasing demand for branded products such as Pepe, Burton, Manitou and international top sellers such as Allure, Chapman and Tradition, to name but a few, is impressive proof that there are more and more consumers around the world who appreciate the outstanding brand quality of products with the designation of origin ‘Made in Germany’.


Lübeck, March 2023