Environmental protection

Thriving nature is the essential prerequisite for the future viability of our company. We are committed in our efforts to strike the right balance between nature and man, and to live a life characterised by a responsible use of natural resources, every single day. It is a key concern of ours to continuously expand on our climate and resource protection work: within the value creation chains themselves, at our locations, and in the transport and shipping of our products.

Above all, when it comes to the selection of tobacco for our products, during quality assurance and in the manufacturing process, we pay close attention to making sure that only environmentally sound processes are used, and we comply with a full-scale ban on animal testing. As with other stimulants, excessive consumption of tobacco (and cigarettes in particular) can carry with it serious health risks. We therefore always appeal to our customers to consciously enjoy these products in moderation. At the same time, we want to make an active contribution to limiting the health risks associated with tobacco consumption.

Organic tobacco cultivation in line with regulations

We wholeheartedly believe in genuine smoking pleasure, beginning with raw tobacco cultivation and continuing through to its additive-free production. For our brands Manitou and Pepe Original, we only use tobaccos made from 100% organically controlled tobacco; in other words, without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. This raw tobacco cultivation process complies with the strict guidelines set out under EC legislation governing organic farming and those of the US Department of Agriculture.

Natural tobacco without additives

As a rule, additives are only used to preserve the product, to optimise the burn characteristics, to maintain moisture levels and to intensify the resulting taste. According to our Manitou and Pepe philosophy, carefully selected and high-quality tobaccos which are perfectly matched with one another do not require any additives because their pure flavour would otherwise be adulterated by such an inclusion.

This authentic tobacco flavour, contained in the tobacco leaf itself, should be enjoyed in its original form and not be manipulated by the use of additives. Our aim is to give our customers the most authentic and high-quality taste experience possible.

Highest tobacco quality without animal testing

To render our products as safe as possible, we employ a sophisticated quality management system. We deliberately abstain from animal testing of any kind, because we believe that every responsible consumer is aware of the risks associated with our products, and that any further examination with the help of animal experiments is neither necessary nor responsible.

High energy efficiency thanks to solar power

Von Eicken is actively involved in climate protection and increasingly relies on renewable energy sources. For several years now, we have operated our own solar plant in Lübeck, which supplies our production facility and the administrative buildings with clean solar energy. We are constantly reviewing energy efficiency at our sites, too.

Self-imposed advertising restrictions

In our adherence to the Code of Advertising issued by the German Cigarette Association (DZV) and recognised by the Federal Cartel Office, we (as a member company of the DZV) have voluntarily undertaken to comply with certain self-imposed advertising restrictions when marketing cigarettes and fine-cut tobacco products. The Code of Advertising prohibits advertising aimed at children and adolescents, or any effort to downplay the risks of smoking.

Our commitment to the environment

Climate protection

Renewable energy sources

Reducing CO2 emissions

Saving energy

Reducing waste