As a traditional manufacturer of high-quality tobacco products, adopting a far-sighted and sustainable use of our resources is of particular importance to us. It is our conviction that our actions can only be successful if all ecological, economic and social aspects are in sync, and we consistently incorporate this set of beliefs into everything we do.

For this reason, we have defined three areas of action to drive forward sustainability:

1. Responsibility within the value creation process 

As a company with a 250-year tradition, we are aware of just how important it is to scrutinise and optimise existing processes.

When concerning our additive-free premium brands, we attach great importance to the fact that our tobaccos stem from controlled cultivation zones and are free of any pesticides and artificial fertilizers. We are aware that “free of additives” does not mean healthier, but our experience shows that the taste is simply better. Incidentally, we make a valuable contribution to sustainable development within agriculture.

The strict quality regulations placed upon the manufacturing of our products allow us to refrain entirely from animal testing when subjecting our tobaccos to thorough analysis.

Just as with our own products, we also rely on constant progress and a continuous improvement process to govern our way of working. Our production facilities are organised according to the latest procedures and all operate in an environmentally friendly way. At our location in Lübeck we rely predominantly on solar energy, which we gain by means of our own solar panel system.

2. Responsibility towards our employees

Motivated and well-trained employees are decisive for the success of our company. We support our employees, offer vocational apprenticeship positions and jobs in Germany and invest in ensuring optimal working conditions throughout the entire production process.

3. Social responsibility

In order to fully embrace our company philosophy, true to the motto “Tobacco passion since 1770”, we place great importance on the role of public information. Starting with the risks posed by tobacco consumption, the current national legislation governing the ban on smoking and other international regulations, all pertinent publications are available for download on our website. For many years, we have made every effort to label our tobacco products in order to protect minors and are committed to the responsible consumption of tobacco products by people over the age of 18 years.

Our areas of action

a secure future

social responsibility

efficient use of resources