A family business spanning eight generations

Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH is one of the few independent family businesses in Germany that produces the whole range of tobacco products, from raw tobacco to the final product itself.

The company’s roots trace all the way back to the year 1770, when Johann Wilhelm von Eicken started producing tobacco in Mülheim an der Ruhr. True to his company motto “Tobacco passion since 1770”, the company founder laid out his vision to create tobacco products that give people moments of enjoyment and a pronounced sense of joie de vivre.

Our understanding of tobacco has grown from its historical base, meaning that we only set the highest standards in terms of tobacco quality. The combination of many years of experience with robust innovative strength and flexibility is the key to our success. We constantly strive to realise new products and ideas, as well as optimise internal production processes and expand our distribution channels, in order to meet the needs of our expansive customer base around the world. This applies to the development of new products and organisational processes within the company, as well as our commitment to safeguarding environmental protection measures.

From generation to generation, the members of Eicken's family and company employees have shared their in-depth experience.


Birth of the founding father, Johann Wilhelm von Eicken


Company incorporation and the birth of Gerhard von Eicken


Death of the founding father, son Gerhard takes over the business


Birth of Johann Wilhelm, son of Gerhard


Death of Gerhard, his son Johann Wilhelm (born in 1806) becomes the successor


Birth of Carl Heinrich von Eicken


Construction of the new von Eicken factory at Wilhelmstraße


Birth of Johann Wilhelm, the grandfather of today's senior executive


Von Eicken acquires a tobacco factory in Hamburg, because the customs link to Hamburg is right on the doorstep


Fire in the rented Von Eicken factory facilities belonging to the company H.W. Heidmann


Re-inauguration of the burnt down Von Eicken factory


Birth of Johann Wilhelm von Eicken, the father of today's senior executive


By now, Von Eicken has successfully increased sales twentyfold since 1887


Company conversion of Eicken, which was previously an ordinary partnership, into a limited partnership with father and son as personally liable partners


Birth of Joh. W. von Eicken - today's senior executive


Allied bombers destroy the factory in Mülheim, and then four weeks later the “Kontorgebäude” facility in Hamburg, as well as the private residence of the von Eicken family


Factory closed as it is needed for X-ray machines. The business transfers into the hands of the son


Official permission to produce tobacco brings with it renewed optimism, if raw tobacco had been available


Death of Johann Wilhelm von Eicken, the father of today's senior executive


Birth of J.W. Marc von Eicken - today's executive


The Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR become members of the UN


Relocation of the company from Hamburg to Lübeck - the new company headquarters


Takeover of the tobacco producer Dingelstädt by Von Eicken


Marc von Eicken joins the family business, now in its eighth generation


Marc von Eicken becomes second managing director of Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH


All production phases from tobacco preparation to packaging are executed and controlled in the company according to International Food Standard 6 (IFS). Von Eicken has been certified with this superior seal of quality since February 2013


With the purchase of a new company building facility, Von Eicken shows a clear sign  of growth and its sense of loyalty to the company’s chosen location in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck


All cigarette and fine-cut tobacco production lines are EU-TPD “track and trace” compliant

Joh. W. von Eicken

Joh. W. von Eicken takes up the management reigns of the company in 1970, now in its seventh generation. He manages the company together with his son Marc and remains active in a strategic corporate leadership role.

Marc von Eicken

Marc von Eicken joined the family business, now in its eighth generation, in the year 1997 and was appointed the second managing director of Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH. Since then, he has led the business together with his father Joh. W. von Eicken.