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quality that you can depend on

Our good name is a promise of the very best quality.

All production phases – from tobacco processing to packaging and labelling – are supervised and controlled within our company. This enables us to guarantee our customers a consistently high level of processing and quality across the entire spectrum.

Our tobacco ranges, including Virginia, Burley or Orient tobaccos, originate from the best cultivation areas in the world. These are meticulously sourced by our tobacco experts with the greatest of care, in order to produce the various tobacco blends we offer. These exquisite blends make our individual brands and product specialities so unique.

Passionate about tobacco:

In 1996, Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH began with its own in-house production of cigarettes. At this time, the company was already able to look back on a 225-year tradition, although its core business was primarily focused on the refinement of cut tobacco.

The initial decision to expand the product range saw the purchase of Becifa, the Berlin-based cigarette producer, in the year 1993. This company acquisition brought with it modern production facilities, which then enabled the mass production of cigarettes from 1996 onwards.

At present, all cigarettes are produced with the use of full-scale automation at the Lübeck company headquarters, before being prepared for global shipping. Our high-performance machinery ensures a consistently high level of quality – cigarette for cigarette – while also securing the production of significantly high volumes.

Exquisite tobacco specialities for sophisticated tobacco lovers

Before von Eicken had established itself increasingly as a well-known manufacturer of cigarettes from 1996 onwards, our traditional company enjoyed a solid reputation around the world as a producer of exquisite tobacco specialities. Despite our significant success in the cigarette market, we continue to focus our attention on other product ranges, to make absolutely sure that sophisticated tobacco lovers around the world are able to appreciate our cigars, cigarillos, pipe and fine-cut tobaccos.

It is our pronounced passion for tobacco that is handed down from one generation to the next within von Eicken, something that is reflected in the unparalleled quality of all our tobacco products.

The experience held by our tobacco professionals, their worldwide links to the very best tobacco growers and their acute awareness of quality in the tobacco they select – and not mention their skill in tobacco processing and composition – are all factors that determine the flavour and taste of our quality products.

Tobacco is the soul of our company

The exciting diversity of our tobacco products not only includes those popular and well-known brands, but also certain very special rarities that make the heart of every sophisticated connoisseur beat faster. For example, we only use high-quality, hand-selected tobaccos from the best growing regions in the world for each of our tobacco specialities. In countries such as the US, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Cuba or the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, tobacco plants are allowed to mature under perfect conditions before finally being harvested with great care.

Again and again at harvest time and following the fermentation and drying process, our experts are on the move, making sure to select the very best tobaccos for our own processing operations. Depending on the type and quality of the tobacco, the raw tobacco is then processed at our German production sites to then be sent from there in the form of cigarettes, cigars, pipe or fine-cut tobacco – to our customers in over 100 different countries.

When deciding on the purchase of a specific product or brand, the production location also plays a major role. The rapidly growing demand for branded products such as Pepe, Burton, Manitou or international top sellers such as Allure and Tradition – to name but a few – is an impressive demonstration of the fact that there are increasing numbers of consumers around the globe who appreciate the excellent brand quality bearing the hallmark “Made in Germany”.

Quality since 1770
IFS Food Certification

In February 2013, von Eicken became the second independent tobacco company in the world – with locations in Lübeck and Dingelstädt (Thuringia) – to be certified in line with the International Featured Standard (IFS) for the first time.

This IFS certification is currently considered the most demanding seal of quality for producers operating in the food and beverage industry.

As one of nine standards recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative, it places the highest demands on raw materials used, the storage and manufacturing processes involved and any subsequent logistics. In addition, the IFS quality assessment creates greater transparency, traceability, safety and hygiene throughout the value chain, thereby contributing to the continuous improvement of safety for consumers.

Together with the absolute commitment of all our employees, previous audits by the certification provider auditpartner GmbH have shown that all requirements placed on Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH have been met to a “higher level” than stipulated by the most rigorous certification procedures available.

This ensures that, in future, the demands of international and national customers alike will be met in full. Von Eicken is one of the few tobacco companies in the world that manufactures its products according to the guidelines set out under IFS FOOD 6.1.