Human Rights Policy

It is the aim of the von Eicken Group to guarantee human rights in the best possible way and to contribute to the promotion of human rights along the global supply and value chains. In order to consolidate past efforts and achieve goals in a structured manner, human rights policy represents a central component of the sustainability management system established at the company.
To achieve continuous improvement, the companies in the von Eicken Group strive to implement the following points:

  1. We align our corporate activities to the best of our ability with internationally recognise frameworks and standards for respecting human rights. We have also made this effort binding in a written Policy Statement on Human Rights.
  2. We want to define suitable targets and measures at corporate management level in order t meet these standards in the best possible way.
  3. We want to provide the necessary financial and structural conditions to achieve the target set in the best possible way.
  4. We have issued internal and external codes of conduct for our employees and business partners in which we have defined non-negotiable standards and will monitor compliance on an ongoing basis.
  5. We want to work with other companies, civil society institutions and experts to identify potential human rights risks and any infringements at an early stage and, if possible, preventthem.
  6. We make all the necessary information available to employees and want to make it available to interested parties upon request.

Lübeck, March 2023