Energy Policy

The aim of the von Eicken Group is to further improve operational energy efficiency in the manufacturing of products and to continue seizing strategic opportunities. In order to consolidate past efforts and achieve goals in a structured manner, the company regularly carries out an energy audit in accordance with Sect. 8–8d of the German Act on Energy Services and Other Energy Efficiency Measures (EDL-G).
To achieve continuous improvement, the companies of the von Eicken Group strive to implement the following points:


  1. We want to set suitable targets at corporate management level and for the purpose of implementing technical efficiency measures.
  2. We want to provide the necessary financial and structural conditions to achieve the targets set.
  3. We want to assess our energy performance and the degree to which we have achieved our energy efficiency targets at regular intervals.
  4. We want to promote the procurement of energy-efficient products and services with a significant impact on energy use.
  5. We want to draw up suitable countermeasures in the event of nonconformities and strive to implement them promptly.
  6. We make all the necessary information available to employees and want to make it available to interested parties on request.
  7. We strive to assess and comply with all relevant energy regulations and other requirements.

Lübeck, March 2023